Sunday, September 12, 2010

An exciting secret


Don't tell anyone!!!

If you're reading this, then you get to be in the know. I don't think anyone is reading this. I hope nobody's reading this! But I need to write about it. If I knew how to make this a private entry, I would.

Jordan and I are trying to get pregnant. I know. Scary right? NOPE! Super exciting! Before we got married, we talked about that we didn't want to have kids right away so we could enjoy some time just being married. But we said that by the time our 2 year anniversary rolled around, we'd like to start trying or at least thinking. Well our two year anniversary is coming up. I've got a sweet teaching job. Jordan's got a job as a mobile pet photographer and is putting on a lot of house roofs in these last few weeks before the snow. We're not entirely out of the school debt, but it is disappearing and we hope to be out of debt before Christmas. Which means we'd be in our own place around then. We've decided that we're ready.

But we're not telling anyone that we're trying!! I'd like for it to be a surprise. Though I do think that Beth may suspect. Mark Miller knows because Jordan talked to him about it. But that's it! Except for YOU. Who's reading this. But we'd appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody. I'd really like for it to be an out-of-the-blue surprise to our family. But we're pretty excited. I've started taking prenatal vitamins and everything. Trying to get more exercise, eat healthy, drink less caffeine, all the usual suspects. Its pretty awesome.

So this past weekend, Jordan and I were in Cheyenne for his job. It amazes me how SMALL it is. In fact, wikipedia just told me the population is 57,000. So its about twice the size of Marshall, TX. And its supposed to be a CAPITAL city!!! You don't have to pay for parking downtown, and there are no high rise buildings. In fact, there are NO building over 6 stories tall! They were having a rib fest downtown this past weekend, and when Jordan and I drove by there was a country band singing a cover of "Everybody dies famous in a small town".

Wikipedia also just told me that Fort Collins has more than double the population of Cheyenne.

Still, it was a nice place to visit. For the weekend. I wouldn't want to stay there much longer, much less live there. But it was a nice little weekend getaway for us. And when I say us, I mean me because Jordan was working most of the time. Actually, I was too. Sitting in the hotel room working. But still, it was a change of pace and I enjoyed it.

And hey! Maybe we can postulate some day that our first child was conceived there. :) Hehe.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Life Changes

Well, a lot has changed since I last popped my head on here to journal. I'll address them quickly:

- I got a job teaching math and social studies part time at Liberty Middle School.
- We moved to Colorado and moved in with Jordan's parents in order to pay off some debt
- Jordan left the Parking Spot after a miserable year and is now working as a mobile pet photographer on the weekends, and as an independent roofer during the week days
- Jojo is... well... curled up sleeping on a blanket. I guess that hasn't changed.

I love my job. I love that I've only got three classes and am done every day at 11:24am. I love the people who are directly on my team, though get a little annoyed at some of the other people in my departments.

Jessica's quilt is finished and on her bed up in Fort Collins. I also just recently finished Chelsea's christmas present quilt, which is a denim backed quilt that rolls up and is designed to be taken to the beach when she goes with her boys. Chelsea and Jarrett are also pregnant again, which is fantastic. I finished two i-spy quilts for the boys for Christmas, and am waiting on my new walking foot to arrive so I can quilt the new baby's quilt. Jarrett is also getting a quilt for Christmas, though that has been sent out as fabric to my sewing bee buddies.

Life is good. Its not easy not having our own home, but hopefully we'll be finished paying off the student loan and out of here pretty soon. I do enjoy and love my in-laws, its just difficult to live with people after living in your own house. Its surely not easy for them either. Hopefully we'll have some exciting news here shortly.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sleepy Time

So.... It's 11pm and my husband has been asleep for an hour or two, but I couldn't sleep. I guess we're kinda like old people in that we go to bed so early, but he has to get up at 4am so its just what we have to do.

My dear favorite father in law was in the hospital yesterday and today for surgery to get some kidney stones removed. Turns out he has more problems than that, which I am not privy to discuss without him making them public knowledge. But when Beth called me today and was telling me about it, it was making me tear up. They had planned on being here next weekend to spend some time with us, and we had planned to go tour the new Cowboy's stadium (Bill is a huge cowboys fan), but he's not allowed to fly by doctors orders. So that plan is scratched, and Jordan and I are both severely disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing them. Hopefully my mom will be able to come down and see us in a couple weeks, if everything there goes to plan. It gets lonely living down here in Texas by ourselves with the cockroaches and June bugs. I'm missing my family.

But life goes on. My tutoring job will be ending here soon with the ending of school, and I've been looking for other work but haven't had any responses yet. Actually, that's not true. A money laundering scam emailed me back. No thanks, not falling for that. Idiots. But it would be nice if I could find some kind of work. I'm not the only one looking, obviously, and that makes it hard.

I've made some good progress on Jessica's Paintbox quilt. Still piecing the squares for that one. I've also got plans for what I want to make for Julie, though I won't start that one till Jessica's is finished. And just for fun, I started a charm square hexagon quilt, which will be pieced and quilted entirely by hand. Obviously, this is going to take a lot of time. But I find them fun to do and its something I can do sitting on the couch with Jordan, instead of constantly having to move between sewing machine and iron like my other quilt.

Jordan went on the men's retreat with our church, and I think that was life changing for him. He learned a lot of great things and came back feeling very empowered to tackle some issues he's been dealing with since middle school. I'm so proud of him.

And the yawning commences. I think I shall go lay down and attempt to sleep. Hopefully successfully this time.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good Morning!

It's 6 am, and I've been up for a couple hours. I'm considering starting to work on my next quilt, but I'm afraid that I'll be so tired later in the day that work will be miserable (2-5 today). And so I'm laying in bed and searching the internet and trying to convince myself that I am tired. My eyes are heavy, but I can't seem to fall asleep. Jordan's already left for work. :( But I did cook him some eggs before he left. You know, since I was up.

Life is good. Finished a massive new quilt for our bed, and just in time because the very first quilt I made is very thick and warm. Which is heavenly. But not in the summer. Which is the season the state of Texas most resembles right now. So this new quilt is beautiful and light and not quite as warm, so we're not turning down the AC so much at night. That's good. It should save us money.

So the last day of school for the kids I work for is May 26. About a month away. I need to find another job for the summer. Which is good because I've started to get tired of tutoring. It can be so unpredictable - whether I have work or not based on what they've got. Though I know a week of working any other job will have me missing the tutoring. Hopefully (crossing my fingers) it'll pick right back up where it leaves off in the fall. Though I suppose I should make long term contingency plans just in case.

Sometimes I feel like my life is really not interesting enough to write about. I mean, its just the normal everyday life. Jojo sleeping all the time, me cycling between cleaning and sewing and tutoring. Jordan going to work and coming home. Who wants to read about that? We're so... normal. And boring. I certainly don't want to read about that. Maybe we should move to China or something.

Or something.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh happy day!

Life is going well for now. Actually, not much has changed. But I have decided that life is going well right now, and so that is how I feel. Jordan's still working for the parking spot and looking for something better, I'm still working as a tutor and wondering what will happen when the summer comes, and Jojo is still being happy go lucky. :) But we are blessed in that we have everything we need, and even have some things that we don't need but we really really like. The budget has worked wonders for us, and we have money left over at the end of the month every time. Its a good feeling to be in control of your money.

I have been bitten hard by the quilting bug, and am currently flying through a summer quilt for our bed that will be much larger than the winter quilt that is on it right now. And not a moment too soon, for it is beginning to be uncomfortably hot here and we are sleeping under our white thin living room blankets because the quilt is simply too heavy. The summer quilt is of the "New Wave" pattern, and is based off of the "Citrus" fabric of one of my favorite designers. Its is these lovely summer shades of lemon and lime and some oranges and perhaps a brown or two. Its coming together very nicely and I'm enjoying working on it, while equally dreading the day I have to quilt it on my little machine.

The in-laws are going to come visit us in the beginning of may, and I'm looking forward to seeing them. We haven't seen any of our family in so long because work schedules simply do not allow it. However, Jordan's schedule at work was just switched back to the morning (5am-2pm) schedule instead of the evening (12noon - 10pm). This will be much much better for us, because we'll be able to eat supper together and just generally see more of each other. His boss at work really likes him, and maybe there will be an opportunity to move up into an assistant manager position soon. We shall see. He's a great worker and wouldn't mind working there as long as he didn't end up a driver for the rest of his life.

Other than that, life is good. I've finished more projects since my last post, but I won't list them here again until I can update the list more fully. The summer quilt will probably be finished being pieced (the top) this week or next week, at which point I will have to decide what I want to do for the back and then get down to the quilting. I'm also looking for patterns to make some throw pillows to match, and have a found a couple great patterns so far that I really like. Making those will be a nice break when I get tired of wrestling with the quilt during machine quilting.

One thing I forgot to mention is that we absolutely love our church! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming and GENUINE, and we've made several good friends from our small group that meets on Monday nights. Last monday we all went to Main Event and did some bowling and shuffleboard and lazer tag. We're all older (most people are older than we are, with the oldest being in their 50's or early 60's), so it was definitely a slowed game of lazer tag. But it was a lot of fun all the same. We had a great time and really enjoy being with these people.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project List update!

Well, I got a new job. Starting next week I will be working about 30 hours a week for the 2010 census, walking around looking at living areas and deciding how many people live there. So I've been crafting like crazy this week (an unavoidable spring break from working since all my students are out of town for their spring break). I'm trying to get all my commitments done and out of the way because I don't think I'll have much time to do any crafting. So here's an update to the list. I've decided to split it into three parts: finished, in progress, and soon to be.

1. Mom's birthday present custom teacher bag
2. A new everyday purse for me!!
3. The "Happy Puppy" quilt for
4. A coupon holder for my purse
5. Baby quilt (no name yet)
6. Colorful Kitties quilt for qfk
7. Space Dreams quilt for qfk
8. Claire313's crazy Sanibel bag

In Progress
9. "New Wave" pattern quilt for qfk - pieced and ready to be quilted
10. The knitted afghan with 117 squares - 22 down so far!
11. A new quilt for our bed (started in 2009, lets finish it!)
12. Ruth's crazy Sanibel bag - 90% done

Soon to be:
13. A birthday present for Julie (Oct)
14. A new and improved knitting project bag (I learned from my mistakes on the last one)
15. A weekender travel bag/luggage
16. A change purse to hold the change in my purse!
17. A nice warm hat for my hubby - already have the yarn and needles, just need the skill
18. Fill up the nice wedding scrap book we received as a gift that is still empty (we've been married more than a year)
19. The Apples and Pears NICU quilt for quiltsforkids
20. Scrap quilt from the dh's great grandma's fabrics!
21. Cloth Napkins for us
22. A new bag from the pattern I bought LAST YEAR
23. Tool belts for the nephews
24. Use up the UT fabric remnant I bought
25. Tea cozy for the SIL
26. Cloth Napkins for the B&SIL's family

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Waiting on God

So I've realized that the biggest misconception that I had about marriage was that I would no longer be waiting on God. I'm not really sure why I thought that, but I thought that the biggest waiting game was waiting to find your spouse. And I thought that once that was over, everything would just fall into place.

I've come to realize that's not true, and I think I will be spending my entire life waiting on God. Waiting to find out when Jordan will get a job that doesn't pay hourly and doesn't leave him feeling useless and like he's wasting his life at the end of the day. Waiting to find out when we'll be able to have kids, which I think is a foolish thing to do when we're just keeping our financial heads above water providing for the two of us. Waiting for when we'll find our place in this world. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Something Americans are simply not good at. Its no wonder that abstinence education fails when even adults can't bother to wait for things - and must buy that new car/house/boat/clothes/whatever NOW on credit, and then lose everything. The country is in a financial mess because newly weds are living at the same standards and in the same houses and with the same possessions NOW that their parents worked 25 years to get, all on credit. We, as Americans (and probably as human beings) can be bothered to wait for what we think we should have now. We're like spoiled children. And I am no better than the people around me. Sure, I don't have all that stuff that society says we need, and I don't have massive credit card debt that I took out to get it. But I'm tired and whiny about having to wait on a good job to come through for Jordan. I want it NOW. And I'm tired of having to wait to have kids (though I only decided that I'm ready to have kids in the past couple of weeks). I want to start NOW. I look at the people around me and in my family, and I want what they have NOW.

Well, news flash. I am not my neighbors. I am not my sister-in-law. I am Jodi. Ingram. And I will have to wait on God. Because when he is ready to bless us with these things will be the very moment that I am actually truly ready. I could take matters into my own hands and TAKE those things, but that has definitely NOT worked out in the past and has left me with scars that I don't think will ever truly heal and go away. I do not want to repeat that time of my life, especially now. And yet, the red-headed stepchild in me is screaming NOW NOW NOW.

It sucks. But that's the way life is. Life is one big waiting game, and I don't want to join the people trying to cut in line. We really are blessed exactly where we are. We have made a budget and are sticking to it - we're finally living below our very meager means. We're beginning to dig out of the student loan that I foolishly took out when I wanted my masters (NOW) and didn't stop to consider the financial repercussions. And I need to learn to be patient and wait. Our time will come. Trying to make it come faster will only make where we are right now harder. We, as Americans, need to stop looking at what other people have and enjoy what we already own.

Doesn't make it easier though.